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For most people, buying a diamond engagement ring or any other piece of diamond jewellery is an overwhelming task. However, it doesn't have to be like this. A good understanding of diamonds is the best guarantee that you'll make a well-informed purchase and remain happy about it.

Knowledge is power and here at Diamond Rocks we feel obliged to provide you with all the information on diamonds you need to begin shopping with confidence. This information centre can be used as a guide to provide you with information about anything from the all-important “four Cs” of diamonds to how to purchase certified diamonds online and an explanation of how diamonds are graded. All is intelligibly explained here.

We invite you to empower yourself with this diamond knowledge which will help you find your perfect diamond with ease.  If your questions are not answered on these pages or you simply wish to speak with a Customer Service Representative, our customers can contact us on +971 42342901 or by email at


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