Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstones are one of nature's most beautiful gifts. Diamonds reflect prisms of light in breathtaking wonder. Sapphires sparkle blue, the color of the sea and sky. Emeralds grow so lush and green, they seem to breathe life. Rubies ripen so red, ready to be plucked like fruit. Citrines and smoky topaz are the fire and the smoke.

Once relegated to just birthstones, coloured gemstone jewellery has grown enormously popular in recent years and is sought-after for its sumptuous hues and amazing design. In fact, stylists and fashion-conscious women alike often consider gemstone jewellery an absolute essential accessory for day or night-time dress.

We at Diamond Rocks take pride in every piece in our collection, from exquisite gemstone rings that become cherished keepsakes to statement-making necklaces that make that little black dress unforgettable. Many of our pieces are set in high-quality, long lasting 18ct gold.  And only one word describes them all - gorgeous.

Whatever it is you're looking for in coloured gemstone jewellery, we have something you're certain to love.  Let our experts help you make a selection that's just right for you.


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